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Friday, 7 June 2013

Quilled Wedding Card

Weddings in our country are lavish and full of vibrant colours. The exuberance of a wedding starts off right from the beginning, that is, with the invitations. Yes...the wedding card. I have seen some excellent ones in my life and hence was wondering how a quilled elegant wedding card might look like.

Thinking of it, here's something I attempted to craft - a paper quilled wedding card with an Indian touch.

I had to follow an elaborate process for the pink flowers. I painted a blank white sheet of paper with Fabricia pearl acrylic color pink. To get the silvery effect I added some dash of the pearl white. Then I cut out pentagon shaped pieces from the paper and folder the petals from it. Then arranged some 10 to 12 petals to form each flower. To finish it, added some pearls to the centre.

To add some bling I used few stones along the swirls. I resisted using more as I did not want the stones to be the focus of the work. 

All in all, I found it pretty catchy.

Do put in your thoughts on it.



  1. Wish you did all these earlier i would have made my wedding cards like these ones.............nice !

  2. Tubai and Tulai would be the lucky ones!